Home Covid Test Instructions

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Home Covid Test Instructions

Home Covid Test Instructions. If the divided pouch has been damaged, discard the Place filled test tube in3 the assembled test tube rack or a clean glass or cup collect your nasal sample:

Tested positive for Covid19 or someone in your home has from

Instructions blow your nose1 and discard the tissue. If your result is positive: Inadequate sampling may result in false results.

Take A Swab Sample From Yourself Or A Child;

The results to the nhs. Instructions blow your nose and discard the tissue. If you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your test result may be incorrect.

Insert The Swab Into One Of Patient’s.

Touch only the plastic handle. Remove a nasal swab from the pouch. Check the waiting time in the instructions that came with your test kit;

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1 remove swab from packaging. Line near the blue line. If you have symptoms, you may have follow the instructions for use (reverse side) to obtain accurate results.

Healthcare Provider Instructions For Use.

• do not use this test if you have a nose bleed. Read these instructions before you open the test kit. It is not recommended to use this test on children under the age of 5.

Wash Your Hands For 20 Seconds Before You Handle The Test Kit.

Squeeze the liquid from the tube onto the test strip; Process the test sample immediately after collection. If your result is positive:


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