How To Check Node Version In Angular Project

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How To Check Node Version In Angular Project

How To Check Node Version In Angular Project. The above details tell us that we have installed angular cli successfully and now we are ready to commence with our project. Once the installation is done, check the details of the packages installed by using the command ng version as shown below −.

Create your first Angular 4 Application using Angular CLI from

See the angular project version from package.json file. >=10.13.0 <13.0.0 , yarn : After installing the node.js, check node version that you have installed with the help of the following command.

To Check This Go Into Node_Modules/@Angular/Core/Package.json File And Check Version Field.

We have now installed angular 6. The node version running is 8.11.3 and also the os details. Open the terminal + view in your project and type.

Angular Cli Allows You To Start A Project With Only One Command.

At the root of your project, you will see the package.json file, open this file and find @angular/cli and some other packages such as forms, common, animations. Two ways to check the angular version projectwise. Open the package.json file and examine the angular packages referenced in your project.

Here Is A Command To Get Typescript Version In Angular 13

To see what versions of node the angular cli supports, you can check the package.json file in the project on github. It gives the version for angular cli, typescript version and other. You can find the angular version used by the application under package.json file.

The Above Commands Help To Get The Project Setup In Angular 7.

See the angular project version from package.json file. Also, you can find what angular version is installed on my system. Open the terminal inside your project and type ng —version.

Write Below Code In The Command Prompt/Or In The Terminal In The Vs Code.

Create new project by this command. Run server and see your application in action. It is very easy to know the typescript version in the angular 13 project.


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